E&N is a not for profit organization which provides a free authoring tool & distribution platform for standardized educational content conforming to SCORM and free software environments. It’s designed for self-publishing teachers under the CC (BY-NC-SA) licence. Content (OERs) is used/shared by the authors themselves and colleagues,  in school,  as well as by students for homework and revisions.

A citizenship action

The founding actors of E&N all have solid backgrounds in text book publishing, general publishing, digital content and business deployment. The project is drawn by a number of issues:

  • Digital educational content is widely available on the web, but the offer has little visibility, little or no guaranteed editorial quality and almost no standardization (multiplicity of platform-specific offers).
  • Teachers need easy tools to create standardized OERs to use/share in various contexts.
  • E&N makes quality content available for free because equal opportunity for all is a national (and international) cause.

An Open source free authoring platform

The platform lets teachers produce SCORM/LOM OERs, fully tagged for all possible commercial (DRM) and non commercial use. The platform is multiresponsive. Contents are HTML compatible objects. An extensive use of CSS Style Sheets allows delivery on a variety of distribution platforms beyond desktop computers (tablets, smartphones…).

E&N is already widely used in French (with the national curricula and school grades). Localization in English and Spanish is under way. 

E&N authors log in and choose from a selection of templates. Sound, images, videos are easily uploaded. When a module is ready for publication the author clicks the PUBLISH button. The OER automatically appears in the catalogue.

Authors and colleagues connect to the OERs via the catalogue but can also export the content to their blog or ICT (via a SCORM package).

Our role, as publishers, beyond providing this unique authoring tool, is to scan the catalogue, « pick out »  the best OERs and promote them & their authors.


1,500 teachers have registered and produced over 3,000 OERs for their students.


2,000,000 OERs have been shared and downloaded by colleagues and students at school and at home. Some are real « best-sellers »!


Whether you are a teacher, ICT partner, company manager, individual,… if you want to  know more about E&N or wish to contribute contact us by filling in this form.

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